My Third Parents: from Filipino Orphanage to an American Dream is the compelling story of one man’s journey full circle to find what matters in life. Dr. Fernando Kuehnel went from a deprived boyhood in an orphanage to life on the streets of Manila searching the trash for food and scrap metal before being adopted along with his two brothers by an American couple. Culture shock, heartbreak, isolation, and grief await the boys in their new home. It was not a dream come true – and the three boys found themselves abandoned again before being adopted a second time. Mercifully, their third set of parents is sensitive and prepared.

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Fernando Kuehnel is married with three children: Fernando Jr., Tyler, and Andrea. Fernando has a doctorate degree in nursing practice, a master of business administration, and is a registered nurse. He works for a pharmaceutical company as medical science liaison. He continues working to improve the life of orphan children in Manila.

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